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Vivatic Review was a site based out of of the United Kingdom and this site offers and claimed surveys that can earn you money when completed and it also provides you with the opportunity for doing micro-jobs and writing short articles that can also earn you money.

Although on the far side the site offered no customer support service and the users had to rely solely on the FAQ section of the site, which couldn’t be vouched for much help as there were more confused users than people who could answer queries.

vivatic survey

In this article, we will talk about Vivatic Review. Vivatic is a legit survey site or a scam? 

About Vivatic Survey:

Brand: Vivatic


Owners: Not Listed

Website Age: 15th OCT/ 2010

Address: Unit C, Imperial Works, Perren Street, London, NW5 3ED

Contact Details: None Provided

Verdict: Not Reliable

Estimated Worth: $13,462.00

Estimated Visits: 2900+

Twitter Handle:


Google: Website closed in April 2019

More About Vivatic Review

Vivatic’s developers understood this in 2010 itself about the benefits of outsourcing work to other skillful people. So they created Vivatic, this site outsourced work like freelancing, writing surveys, and that too in a steeper price point that the business itself would have been able to procure. Vivatic acted as a mediator between the businesses and the people that were willing to work for them.

If you have ever used a website like this, what you will notice is that many sites give out reward points that can be redeemed later into either cash or gift points for shopping websites, but Vivatic works differently and provided the users with actual money right after the job given to them was done.

And here are some of the micro-jobs that Vivatic Survey offered-

  • Surveys
  • Poll
  • Freelance Content and Advertisement writing
  • Creating Blogs
  • Proof Reading
  • Product Classification etc.

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Did Vivatic Survey actually work?

As you would have read in the previous parts of this article, Vivatic used third-party employers and partners that provided 1 survey or micro-job for the people using Vivatic every week.

[Note]: “For our readers that do not reside in the United Kingdom or the United States, Vivatic “surveys” could only be accessed by the UK or/and US users. Users outside these countries could only register on Vivatic for other micro-jobs. But do not worry as we have goodies prepared later on in the article for you.”

This site used a claiming system of getting jobs in which you would have to claim a job before the actual work. And it also used a rating system to rate your work on how much the employer liked it and this would help you in getting your next job.

Was Vivatic Legit or a scam?

The whole point of this article is to give you a clear idea of what a good outsourcing site is so that you can recognize good and authentic sites and work with them, and this is a fact that sites like this will come and go and the structure of these sites stays pretty much the same ie; making employers meet employees. But it wouldn’t hurt anyone to earn a little more living in the comfort of our homes. And for that, you would need an authentic site that doesn’t scam the user.

Coming back to the point, how can you determine an authentic site from a fake one, is the security and privacy it provides to the user. This today is done with the help of an SSL, you can read more about SSL encryption here 🙁 But before Vivatic closed down it did not provide SSL encryption to its site and this made the site more vulnerable to hackers stealing your data and malware.

Vivatic Payouts and Money Transfers

Vivatic only used PayPal for all of its monetary services without any interactions with banking or checks. The users had already been facing many problems and one of them could be very annoying, if the user left money in their account and was inactive for more than 2 months then the money would be deducted because of the terms and conditions of the site.

One more problem was that the user could only take a payout if he/she had more than 20 euros in the account and given that each survey pays .50 euros to .75 euros/ survey, this would look like a good deal but there was a catch and it was that the site would randomly qualify you not eligible for taking a survey and that too for more than 24 hours and the users couldn’t even take up a micro-job at this time.

Vivatic Alternatives:

Here are the goodies that we promised you at the start, these sites are alternatives to Vivatic just way better than it.

You can just start by uploading your profile, verifying yourself, and there, you are good to go.

  1. Guru:
  2. Upwork:
  3. Freelancer:
  4. Indeed:


The line between Vivatic being a scam or legit is very thin and it can better be decided to leave that point alone and be indifferent about it and make better decisions on the sites to work with and follow some general guidelines about choosing them, like checking what people say about it on different social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, etc. and only and only then choose the platform, because as they say you will be investing your time on these sites, completing targets for people you don’t know.

All we are saying is that be a little careful and you can reap the fruits of your hard work.

Have a nice day.

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