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Papa Survey: Papa Murphy has been feeding the hungry stomachs of all of the United States and Canada for so many years. With its excellent service, it has always kept its customers happy and they have always been loyal to the brand.

Papa Murphy Survey has been able to maintain this brand image because of its top-notch services and delicious pizzas, and you may be wondering as to how a brand achieves perfection in its craft. It is by taking feedback from its customers, and this time Papa Murphy is giving its loyal customers a chance to win free gift vouchers that can be redeemed at the restaurants by completing just a 2-minute Papa Murphy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

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Papa Murphy’s Customer Survey at is a great way for our readers that have visited the restaurants before and want to win free gift vouchers & coupons that will discount your next purchase at the restaurant, and this can be done by completing the feedback survey form provided by Papa Murphy’s in which you will have to share your experience back from the time when you visited the restaurant.

After reading this article you will know the following points:

  • Why does Papa Murphy give out surveys?
  • Key Details about Papa Murphy’s Survey
  • Requirements for participating in Papa Survey
  • Rules of participation
  • How you can contact the company

And finally

  • The Conclusion

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Why does Papa Murphy’s take Survey?

papa survey

You might have seen a lot of surveys going around these days and the rewards have also been very good. So why do companies like these take surveys, the reasons are as follow:

  • For collecting the client data efficiently.
  • Help the companies make more business-focused decisions.
  • A very good and easy source of feedback and opinion of the loyal customers

These are also the reasons why Papa Murphy conducts its survey, so that the next time you visit the restaurant, the place is clean, the staff behaves with you politely and the most important for a restaurant, the food tastes good and the menu is well-curated.

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All this happens because the company uses the feedback collected by the forms and uses it to make things better and make it better for the customer and the good thing for the customer is that they will be benefited with 2 things, one would be good service and other would be the discounts that they will receive after they get the free gift vouchers and discount cards when they successfully complete the survey.

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In this article, we have a point to give you detailed and extensive information about all the things related to this survey. So please read the next sections carefully and adhere to them.

Key Details about Papa Murphy’s Survey

Name of the survey Papa Murphy’s Survey
Survey URL
Competition type Survey
No of participants Individual
Prize Discounts coupons and vouchers
Important requirement Purchase receipt (only one per person)
Method Online
Validity time 30 days after the purchase receipt


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These are some of details that you need to know about the survey that you are going to fill out. Now lets go on with the rules and requirements.

Requirements for participating in Papa Murphy’s Papa Survey

Taking the survey takes some general requirements to be filled and first of all, you need to have a solid internet connection, a mobile device, or a pc/ desktop that can be connected to the internet. The most important thing that you will need is a purchase receipt from the restaurant itself. These are all of the requirements, now let’s move on to the rules.

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Rules of Participation in Papa Murphy’s Survey at

The rules of participation have been curated so that all the participants have a fair experience of the survey. These are the rules of the survey:

  • The survey can only be taken by citizens of the United States and /or Canada.
  • The minimum age requirement is 18 and above.
  • A purchase receipt is restricted to one per person.
  • The winning coupon can be only used till 30 days after receiving.
  • The reward can be used only one time.
  • Offer cannot be transferred.

Now that you have familiarised with the rules and requirements of the survey, let us tell you how to go about performing the actual survey.

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How to take the Papa Survey?

papasurvey survey

  • Now you will be registered as a valid customer of the restaurant.
  • Now please remember to answer all the questions with an honest mind and keep them genuine. And please do not skip any questions.
  • Now you can click on the “Next” button and you will be taken to the end page.

  • Now you will be rewarded with a coupon discount that you can use at the stores.


  • Enjoy your reward.

Company Contact Details

This is the email box of Papa Murphy and you can register your complains and queries here: 



We hope that this article has helped you in all the right ways and helped you complete the survey with ease. The survey is beneficial and only takes 2 minutes and can earn you free vouchers so it is a great deal.

For further queries and problems please contact Papa Murphy’s Customer Care.

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We hope you win the reward. Have a Nice Day.

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