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Crispy Colonel Sandwich or the famous Chicken Bucket? Both are finger-lickin’ good at KFC.  Isn’t it?

Now, what if I tell you can tell KFC how much you liked their food and even win a prize for that? It is absolutely true.

KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken carries out the MyKFCExperience Survey to get feedback on how much customers like or dislike their food and services. They even welcome your suggestions on how they can improve and offer a better experience for you all.

Participating in mykfcexperience com survey is very easy. It has an official website designed for this purpose where a questionnaire has been created related to the various services KFC offers.

You just need to go to their website, fill out the survey form and submit it successfully. After this, you will immediately receive a validation code that is redeemable for many offers at KFC.

However, there are a few requirements that every participant needs to fulfil before signing up for the survey.

This article will discuss everything you need to know in detail about the KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey before participating. So keep reading.

MyKFCExperience Survey Details


Aspect Details
Purpose To collect customer feedback on their dining experiences at KFC.
Participation Method Customers can participate by visiting the MyKFCExperience survey website and entering a survey code from their KFC receipt.
Eligibility Typically, participants must be legal residents of the country where KFC operates and of a certain age, often 18 or older.
Survey Format Questions likely cover topics such as food quality, service efficiency, cleanliness of the outlet, and overall satisfaction.
Rewards Participants may receive coupons or be entered into a sweepstakes for completing the survey.
Survey Website An example could be (not an official link, but a hypothetical one for illustration).
Frequency of Survey The survey may be conducted continuously or at specific intervals, such as monthly.
Privacy Policy KFC likely ensures the confidentiality of participant responses and personal information.
Feedback Utilization KFC probably uses the feedback to enhance customer service, menu quality, and overall dining experience.
Customer Support For survey-related queries or issues, participants can likely contact KFC’s customer support.


Take MyKFCExperience Survey

About KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken 

Almost everyone who loves fast food must have heard about KFC. It is truly one of the largest fast-food-selling chains of restaurants based in the U.S.

It has more than 20,000 outlets operating in 130+ countries globally. And the quality of food it offers is top-notch.

There are hundreds of items you can order from its menu that are pocket-friendly as well as taste delicious.

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Steps You Need to Follow to Participate in the KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey

The survey can be taken within a few minutes and is very simple. You just need to follow a few steps to reach the end of the survey and complete it successfully.

  1. The first step is to visit the KFC official website at using a browser of your choice.
  2. Then you will have to enter the survey code printed on your receipt on the home page of the survey website. Even if you don’t have it, you can click on the link posted on the same page for not find the code.
  3. Now select the time of your visit to continue. KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey
  4. Later, click on the start button to begin the MyKFCExperience survey.
  5. Now, on a five-point scale grade KFC’s services by answering all the questions. Please do not skip any, otherwise, it will be regarded as incomplete.
  6. The questions can be of many types. Some you need to answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ whereas, in some, you may have to provide a long answer like writing comments if you are highly satisfied or dissatisfied.
  7. Finally, when the questions are complete, you may click on the submit button and finish the survey.
  8. As promised you will receive a validation code on your screen. This code can be used to redeem the offer you have received from KFC.

KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey- Requirements

Only after fulfilling a few prerequisites, you be eligible to participate in the survey. These requirements are-

  • You should be a legal citizen of the United States of America.
  • Every customer should be of 18 years or above.
  • Willing participants must have valid sales receipts that should not be more than a month old.
  • A good understanding of English or Spanish is required.

Once you fulfil these requirements, you can take part in the survey and start enjoying offers.

KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey- Rules & Regulations

  • You may not be allowed to redeem the offer after a month from its issuance.
  • The receipt will only remain valid for 7 days.
  • Only one person with a valid receipt is allowed to participate.
  • The offer can be redeemed only by the person who has participated in the survey.
  • Employees, associates, office-holders and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate.
  • Finally, a computer with a working internet connection will be required to conduct the survey.

KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey Rewards 

Once you complete the Customer Satisfaction Survey, a validation code will be displayed on the screen.

This code can be redeemed to avail of the offer printed on your sales receipt. Mostly it is one free item from the KFC menu per survey.

As a reward, you will get a free Crispy Colonel Sandwich and have the right to enjoy it fully as you have earned this prize in return for your valuable feedback.


Now with the help of this article, you can easily fill up the survey form at any time of the day. You just need a computer and a valid sales receipt to start with.

In case you face any problems while participating in the survey, you can refer to this article again and continue your journey.


What is MyKFCExperience?

Answer: MyKFCExperience is a feedback survey program designed by KFC to gather customer opinions and experiences regarding their dining at KFC outlets.

How can I participate in MyKFCExperience?

Answer: To participate, visit the MyKFCExperience survey website and enter the survey code printed on your recent KFC receipt.

Is it necessary to purchase KFC to enter the survey?

Answer: Generally, a recent purchase is required as you need the survey code from your KFC receipt.

What types of questions are asked in the MyKFCExperience survey?

Answer: The survey usually includes questions about your meal, service quality, cleanliness of the store, staff behavior, and overall satisfaction.

How long does it take to complete the MyKFCExperience survey?

Answer: Completing the survey typically takes about 5-10 minutes.

Are there any rewards for completing the survey?

Answer: KFC may offer rewards such as discount coupons or entry into sweepstakes for completing the survey.

How will I know if I win any rewards from the survey?

Answer: Winners of any rewards or sweepstakes are typically notified via the contact information provided during the survey entry.

Can I take the survey multiple times?

Answer: Participation rules often limit the frequency of taking the survey, like once per receipt or per a certain time frame.

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